What We Do

All About You

Your business is our business. We believe in making your dreams and goals a reality.   Monthly access to active Presidents/CEOs provides real world advice that works.  Your expertise grows through the real issues you face as you create a more prosperous and energizing company.

Depth of Knowledge

Whether you're just starting, looking to restructure or you just want to build on a solid foundation of personal achievement, we've got you covered. Our facilitator has 24 years managing numerous forums consisting of hundreds of firms in a variety of industries. 

 I also do personal coaching for key executives.  Leadership excellence and management advancement are the focuses for my coaching business.

The Real Power

The real power comes from a group of experienced Presidents/CEOs that get to know you and your company.  They are grateful when they receive advice that helps them solve problems without apparent solutions.  They are rewarded when they are able to help others overcome their obstacles.  They appreciate having a trusted group of advisers and understanding friends.